Friday, August 3, 2007

Love is exposing

Love is exposing ourselves in the purest and most open of ways with no expectations and given freely without any conditions. To love is to risk not being loved. As a result, people often morph the idea of love into something that is more about what they receive and makes them feel good about themselves. But love is about the other, not the self.

And yet in a complicated, doesn’t make obvious sense kind of way, loving another selflessly is the key to true happiness within one’s self.

Love - The Gift of Peace

Love is not something you do,
Love is a way of being.
And more than that.
It is simply being,
Being with another person,
however they may be.
Holding no judgments,
having no agendas,
No desire to control,
No need to prove your love,
No intrusion upon their soul.
Nothing but a total acceptance of their being,
Born of your acceptance of yours.

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Ginny said...

Love is a choice...this was so beautiful written Andrea. You have such a way with words. :)