Thursday, May 24, 2007


I must admit to being a bit of reality show junkie, particularly the ones with people pursuing their life passions. (Think Project Runway or Top Chef on Bravo.) But “So You Think You Can Dance” is a show that makes me smile like no other. It speaks to the dancer I feel like on the inside and taps into the essence of the line “dance like no one is watching.”

This is just the start of this year’s season, so the first few episodes are all snippets of auditions across America. At first glance I’m tempted to scoff at the pathetic souls who put themselves on the stage and in front of the cameras who clearly can not dance.

At second glance I realize that there are some truly delusion people who probably have a difficult time in life as a result of how extreme their perception of self is from those around them.

And then I take a third glance and I wonder… are they all pathetic and clueless as to their dancing ability or do they “get” dancing more than most?

What is dance anyway? Is it a physical representation of internal joy and emotion or a controlled set of rules regarding timed and choreographed steps?

Of course in the context of the show it is about people who manage to do both but in the context of life I’d say that it is the expression that matters and not so much the rules. So go dig out a favorite CD, crank up the sound and dance like no one is watching.

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