Thursday, May 24, 2007

My favorite flower

Purple lilacs… The smell of springtime and childhood. The color of intuition. Complex simplicity.

My neighbor has a whole row of lilac bushes along the fence in my backyard. The last few years he has trimmed them to the point where they didn’t flower much. But this year they are in full bloom and smell heavenly.

Every so often a gorgeous lilac kissed breeze blows in the window, soothing my soul.

Sprig of Lilac

Their heads grown weary under the weight of Time-

These few horus on the hither side of silence-
The lilac sprigs bend on the bough to perish.

Though each for its own sake is beautiful;
In each is the greater, the remembered beauty.
Each is exemplar of its ancestors.

Within the flower of the present, uneasy in the wind,
Are the forms of those of the years behind the door.
Their faint aroma touches the edge of the mind.

And the living and the past give to one another.
There is no door between them. They pass freely
Out of themselves; becoming one another.

I see the lilac sprigs bending and withering.
Each year like Adonis they pass through the dumb-show of death,
Waxing and waning on the tree in the brain of a man.

- Hyam Plutzik

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